Don’t Forget the Boys {Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Roanoke Senior Photographer}

This year’s senior class is particularly special to me because my baby brother is a senior! I can’t believe he is graduating in just a few short months. He has so many big plans and I am so proud of him, but I just need time to stop.

Just stop for a moment. 

I want to think about chasing you through the back yard, teaching you how to swim, and holding your hand on the first day of kindergarten. I want to take in this amazing young man you are becoming. So step in front of the camera and let me freeze this moment, this smile, this memory, because that is the real reason we take photograph’s isn’t it? We want to hold on to the moments that pass way too quickly. 

I know senior photography can be feel like it is feminine and girl focused, but I’m asking you, don’t forget the boys


Fellas, this moment is for you, too. This is your big jump. You have accomplished so much and we are all so proud of you. Senior photography is a way to celebrate all of those accomplishments and mark this special time for you. So what would a session look like that is all about you? Would you focus on the sports you play? Your music? Would you show the world your skills and talents that don’t always fit neatly in the classroom? Would you take photos with that sweet ride you feel like you have worked and saved your whole life for? 

Where would you go? Would you head out to the bleachers, or maybe somewhere special like Lane Stadium?

Would you ask someone special to join you? 



You have earned this moment in sun. It should reflect you and everything that makes you so incredible. So, slow down, and lets hold on to this moment. 

Don’t forget the boys. 


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